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Concepts of a CEO – Lewis Townsend


Neronote is starting a new series, Concepts of a CEO, investigating fashion trends and exploring what influences the clothing choices from smaller and less conventional companies. Office cultures continue to change around Europe and across the world, leading many companies to change their work attire to reflect the society shifts facing their employees. 

Our first guest is Doug Irvine – a Partner at Lewis Townsend, a boutique law firm which provides a range of legal services. The company focuses on property, company and employment law.

“We are passionate about taking a fresh approach to the way that legal services are delivered,” Irvine explains, when asked about the move from the corporate world to a smaller company. “After many years working for large City law firms I decided to join forces with John and Steve, the two other Partners of Lewis Townsend to establish our own practice and to set something up on our own terms.”

White shirts are still the go-to choice among more conventional offices. “Especially in the law world, and this is something we have been happy to evolve away from,” Irvine explains. “I probably only wear a white shirt once or twice per month.”

One element of this change is the difference in company culture, an inevitable shift when evolving from more conventional environments. Remaining professional and experienced, their relocation to WeWork – a shared communal office space in London – affected the day to day of work life. “Running our own practice has far fewer ‘normal’ days, but we love that. We’re lucky to be based at WeWork which means office life is full of interesting things going on, that in itself makes things very different to our old law firm days.”

Lewis Townsend operates within an environment that encourages freedom of expression and changes the way people dress. Naturally, a step from corporate settings reflect that. Notably, a shift away from the traditional white shirt – still popular among offices but in the middle of a worldwide shift. Do workers nowadays embrace this change? “It’s part of our culture as a new, innovative and different law firm.” When asked how employees felt about this shift, it seemed to represent a positive outlook for the future.

The migration of smaller startups being established and nurtured in ‘millennial-friendly’ spaces has a direct effect on the work ethic of its employees. Office chairs are being replaced with sofas and a wine cabinets are secondary to beer on tap. “There aren't that many suits walking around in [WeWork], but there are plenty of people that dress well and turn up the formalities when they have certain clients in. We foster a culture of looking modern and being comfortable.”

And while the integrity or professional presentation is never compromised, Lewis and Townsend fully embody the evolution of this cultural shift from traditional to unique. When asked how to best define the company culture, Irvine stated: “smart, casual and dare I say fashionable.”

Neronote caters to men in all professional and informal environments when choosing their next shirt. With over 2000 fabrics and unlimited possibilities, it is on its way to, dare we say, change the landscape as we know it.

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