Spring Shirts 2017 – a new collection from Neronote

Garden City


The arrival of spring is bringing a new addition to our wardrobes: rejuvenation. As our days get brighter and our evenings warmer, ‘Garden City’ is the brand-new collection which embodies the renewal of colour and added optimism in our lives – seen through the blossom in the special city spaces.

We have carefully chosen a selection of fabrics which best represent this shift in temperature and temperament. Designed with work and play in mind, ‘Garden City’ is perfect for the working man who seeks adventure in his clothes. The combination of modern and traditional designs can be applied to either business meetings or romantic walks in the park. Subtle tones of colour and revitalised classics contrast the city we live in and complements the nature we discover in between. Each shirt adds some rural patterns to our otherwise urban lives.

This special choice of fabrics includes twill, poplin, print and jaquard– all offering different styles and options for men who keep up with the latest fashion trends. The bright shades of lime green, turquoise, and pinks epitomise the exotic lifestyle maintained within a metropolitan city.

Explore Neronote’s seasonal collection and find the perfect shirt to add to your wardrobe today. You can personalise your shirt to make it unique in any way you want.


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