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Shirts with Thomas Mason fabrics

Quintessentially British both in style and quality

Neronote uses Thomas Mason, a member of Albini Group, for its British-style fabrics. Its heritage has engrained an inherent cultural presence in its designs, and remains the sole resource for Neronote customers who seek a shirt resembling British history and sophistication.

A British History:

Thomas Mason founded the now esteemed fabric company in 1750 – the middle of the Industrial revolution in England. As it grew in size and capability, it solidified itself as a leading supplier in London – confirming the city as the capital of men’s elegance at the time. Thomas Mason’s early focus was on English style and sophistication, often drawing inspiration from the Royal Family and other aristocracies. After comfortably becoming one of the most prestigious suppliers in the country, it was acquired by the Albini Group. Together, they combine invaluable experience and access to impeccable fabrics to produce collections high in both quality and demand.

Quintessential Details:

For more than 25 years, the collections have delivered unmatched two-ply cotton shirts using only the finest Egyptian cottons. Its poplin fabric is easily washable and remain free of unwanted creases and wrinkles. This is an incredible desirable trait and highly in-demand by clothing companies who seek a material that can assist the needs of their clients. Thomas Mason fabrics cater to the classic and eccentric dressers, with Giza 45 remaining a popular choice due to its elegance and quality.


Alternative Style Options:

Thomas Mason has many product families, making it an invaluable asset to Neronote and our customers. With fabrics including Royal Oxford, Pinpoint 120, and Zephir 1818, its quintessential selection offers men options who seek casual, formal, or practical uses. Ranging from checks and stripes to bolds and patterns, the comprehensive choice of different colours and hues brings a something entirely different from conventional and local European fabric producers.

A Strong Partnership Continues:

Neronote proudly partners with Thomas Mason due to its admirable attention to detail and sincere respect for the industry. As we continue to cater to our customers across the world, we continue to seek the products and expertise from the dedicated suppliers. Its eclectic range and historical experience is appreciated by Neronote and shirt wearers around the world. To find out more about Thomas Mason, visit:


All images are courtesy of Thomas Mason


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