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Patterned shirts: Standing out and standing apart

Today, more offices are moving away from the conventional white shirt. Looking around your office, you may witness an influx in millennial styles and attitudes that are transforming the way we dress for work every day. This trend is leaving the workplace, too. In more social settings, such as dates, events, and traditions, men of today are substituting their conventional attire to something else. What, you may ask, is the forefront of this movement? With our desires to be bold and independent, some men feel that the shirt that best represents them is from a fabric with bold colours and patterns. 

For those who express individuality each and every day, more people and offices are attracted to ‘Casual Fridays’ at work. With the ideal combination of work and play, patterned shirts are a true representation of someone’s personality and ideals – helping them wear their character on their sleeve. Now, men both old and young are standing out and standing apart from their peers. In today’s world, the importance of confidence and how it can directly affect the success of men in a dating and professional environment remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With thousands of fabrics available, Neronote provides men with options to create the shirt that will put them heads and shoulders above from usual conventionality. Anything from coloured collars to bolder buttons, choices can be made by you to stand out.

Patterned shirts don’t just fulfil an emotional desire. There is more opportunity than ever before to compliment your patterned shirt with thousands of different ties and jackets, making patterned shirt wearers the ultimate fashion pioneer. Bold and vibrant colours encourage large statements of change and evolution – both in the workplace and the social scenes every single day. With fabrics in blue, green, pink, orange, striped, checked, or jacquard, major decisions can be made every day to help make the statement you want to make. With patterned shirts, you can be bold, be you, in any or every capacity. What are you waiting for?

Neronote offers hundreds of fabrics which can be made to measure and custom-designed into your dream shirt. Next time you aim to reach the forefront of your creativity and unicity, consider the countless possibilities that lie ahead in a shirt that breaks the mould - like you. 


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