Your special gift for him?
don’t go searching for it, create it!

How does it work?

Simple, fun and guaranteed results.

  • 1. Getting measurements

  • 2. Create his perfect shirt

  • 3. Add to your cart and complete your purchase

Create a perfect gift for him

You design and create the Neronote shirt exclusively for him by choosing every detail from the fabric to the collar. You can even have it monogrammed. To receive a shirt in perfect harmony with his personality and his (or your) taste, you no longer have to settle for the limited range on offers in stores. You are now free to design it just the way you want it.

Get it right

Each Neronote shirt is made individually to order, so it fits his body perfectly even without trying it on first.

A failsafe method so you won’t have to say "If it doesn’t fit, you can exchange it."

Give quality

Neronote shirts are all entirely made in Italy. They come from a long tradition of love for things beautiful, the best fabrics and attention to detail that can only develop with centuries of history.

This is the kind of quality you will never find in stores at this price.

- If you want to surprise him, find his size from a shirt that fits well. To be sure you get it right check this out.

- Otherwise take his measurements directly from his body following these instructions.

The step-by-step process is simple and intuitive, offering lots of advice so you can create a shirt or customize one of the many on offer. You can choose from over 2,000 fabrics, 22 types of collars, 6 fits, coloured inserts and much more, for billions of combinations. The price of the shirt depends only on the fabric selected and all customizations are included. The shirt will be made up and shipped in two weeks.

For suggestions, questions or to solve any issues, Neronote customer care is always at your disposal. To ensure 100% perfect result.

Do you prefer to let him choose for himself?
Give him a Neronote Gift Card and he’ll be able to create the shirt of his dreams.

Customer care

Customer service is at your side for all your needs.
Feel free to contact us for information, professional advice and assistance with your new Neronote.