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New collection of Spring and Summer 2017 fabrics from Albini


Neronote’s new collection of spring and summer fabrics are here courtesy of Albini Group. Drawing from the heritage and styles of Albini and Thomas Mason, the fabric supplier has created brand-new designs to add to your wardrobe this season. An overarching theme this year reflects the adventures and optimism we can embrace by exploring different colours, materials, and designs which are a welcomed change from the winter convention.

Jacquard and Pattern

Our recent expansion into jacquard - an elaborate stitching that accentuates a raised pattern - last season was a huge success. This has led to even more in this year’s selection elaborating on our spring theme. Formal jacquard and print fabrics are perfect business attire for those who work in more unconventional offices. For another formal look, bold stripes can maintain elegance and professionalism while also adding a unique touch to your outfit. A major aspect of this year’s collection is the convergence of stunning design with soft and smooth quality.

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The linen collection for spring and summer focus on brand new colour schemes and prints. Thomas Mason's ‘Gold Linen’ series highlights the elegance of linen while giving new life to summer’s most popular fabric. With shades of grey, brown, and green, the high-quality fabrics offer both a casual and formal choice for Neronote customers. As much as linen being perfect for the summer traveller and adventurer, it also works with more traditional designs and can be washed easily.  

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The formal collections from Albini were inspired by powerful blues and elegant whites. These classic fabrics are expertly made with extra fine fibres and more delicate yarns – making these designs the perfect choice for your next office collection. A special focus on the Giza 87 cotton – one of the best in the world – makes sure that shirt wearers are choosing sophisticated and high-quality materials. New colours seen in the Melange Collection vary from conventional greys and blues, with yellows and violets – offering Neronote customers more choice to create their ideal seasonal shirt.

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Casual and Bold

Thomas Mason is keeping true to its reputation and producing some of the most exciting bold fabrics. Its strong stripes made with vibrant colours are the perfect mix of excitement and tradition for those who desire a more informal or casual shirt. The wider space between the chosen colour and the base white accentuates a large personality and freedom of creative expression. For spring and summer, you can choose from a variety of blue shades, as well as pink and lime green. Seersucker is a character-defining favourite - printed cotton combining flat and raised fabrics. They express bold stripes suitable for other casual events.

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Our final material is knit – used particularly in casual items due to its ability to stretch and its durable nature. As this fabric is knitted and not woven (unlike conventional shirts), it offers a different feel and style than other shirts in the spring/summer collection. Usually chosen for more informal occasions, a knitted shirt adds an extra level of fun and excitement to your wardrobe. 

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Quality Made-to-Measure

Neronote works closely with Albini Group to provide new and exciting collections twice a year. As pioneers in the made-to-measure shirt industry, our experts work hard to make and distribute shirts all over the world. Made entirely for you with your unique measurements, you can guarantee your next shirt does not and has never been made before. As we welcome the warm weather in the months ahead, Neronote’s new collection reflects the change and optimism that summer brings. 

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