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Yachting shirts

Neronote’s ‘Yachting’ style was inspired by adventure and nautical elegance. It is the perfect choice for those who admire the iconic dress code of the seafaring folks. With bold navy blue and whites, or striped designs, it has confirmed its place as the classic style appreciated by ocean lovers.

The full range, listed below, includes different varieties and fabrics featuring the specific choices which can best help customers find the right option for them. Subtle red and navy blue contrast inserts can be included to add to the particular look. The horizontal striped “Breton” shirt is inspired by the traditional look of the French navy, which can be worn by the most daring dressers who wish to embrace this iconic style.

The Yachting style always ensures that people look well-dressed and distinctive – regardless of the casual or formal settings they choose to attend.

Each shirt is completely customizable to suit each person’s size or style. Alternatively, customers can simply draw inspiration from them and create their own shirt to best reflect their tastes.

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